Spice Grill is a vision to introduce the Best North Indian Food in Singapore. Spice Grill put endeavor to serves the Best North Indian Catering in Singapore to make your party or wedding special. Authentic cuisine served fresh with spices chosen and picked by our chef.

At the heart of North Indian culinary tradition are the flavourful spices and cooking method using the ‘Tandoor’.

Food must bring satisfaction and nourishment. We follow old recipes to make various spices and ingredients work together to form a balanced yet layered flavour. We choose the best and most precious ingredients to satisfy and nourish.

Tandoor has been in use for over 9000 years in Northern India. It’s a cylindrical standing oven where temperature can reach 480 °C, almost twice as hot as normal oven. Food gets cooked with a combination of live fire (grill), radiant heat (oven) and hot air (convection).